5 Alternative Men's Wedding Bands (+why they’re better than the traditional version!)

November 10, 2015 3 min read

Many men are now opting for alternative wedding bands instead of the plain rings of the past. Whether it’s a matter of design or durability, there are many good reasons to choose outside of a traditional style ring. Alternative men’s wedding bands come in a wide range of styles, materials and more. From masculine to colorful and flashy, there’s a ring out there for you. Here are five examples of popular alternative men’s wedding bands and what makes them special:

Wood Inlay Tungsten carbide Ring

The CHADWICK Beveled Tungsten Carbide Ring with Black Walnut Wood Inlay

The coolness of tungsten metal and the warmth of walnut wood mesh together for this streamlined yet unique ring. The Chadwick style uses real black walnut wood that’s inlaid in the center of the white tungsten carbide ring. You can identify real wood from fake by looking at the way the grains run in the ring. If they run around the ring then it’s a fake wood. But, if they run side-to-side then it’s most likely made from real wood. To contract the wood, platinum has been added to the tungsten metal to give it a more polished, mirror-like finish.

Celtic Tungsten Carbide Ring

The JOYCE Pipe Cut Tungsten Carbide Ring with Celtic Design

The Joyce ring provides a slightly more decorative look while maintaining an overall simple feel. The celtic design is double engraved down the middle of the tungsten carbide wedding band. If you want a design like this on your ring then tungsten is the way to go because it offers a level of durability that’s unmatched by other metals, ensuring the pattern and the ring will stay in great shape. If the celtic design isn’t your thing, don’t worry; there are many different grooved and etched design options to choose from when shopping for tungsten rings.

Aura - Tungsten carbide gold plated wedding band

The AURA Domed Gold Plated Tungsten Wedding Ring

Get the best of both worlds with this brilliant, yellow gold ring. The AURA ring offers the appearance and weight of a classic, gold wedding band with the durability and price tag of tungsten carbide. It’s achieved through a process called ionic plating, which fuses the the gold with the tungsten. Like all plated metals, the finish can wear off over time, but it can be reapplied for a cost of $20.The domed Comfort Fit feature provides extra comfort while wearing your ring. It’s the perfect ring for couples who want matching bands because it comes in 4mm, 6mm and 8mm sizes. For a classic look that stays in budget, try this wonderfully simple ring.

Black Tungsten carbide Ring

The CAMDEN Pipe Cut Polished Black Tungsten Carbide Ring

Break away from the normal silver and gold colored rings with the CAMDEN ring. It’s the same tungsten used in those with silver finishes, but it’s coated with a layer of black titanium. Like tungsten, the titanium is extremely durable and very long-lasting.

The black coating is considered permanent, but it’s possible for it to wear off over time. Don’t worry though–if that happens, it can be easily reapplied for about $20. If you’re concerned about the black coating wearing off, you may want to consider our  black ceramic rings whose color runs throughout so there is no worry about the finish wearing off. The pipe cut CAMDEN ring makes a bold statement at about double the width of your average men’s ring.

mother or pearl inlay wedding band

The CORVALLIS Tungsten Carbide Ring with Mother of Pearl Inlay

Similar to the Chadwick ring, the Corvallis features tungsten carbide and an inlay that will set you apart from everyone else. With reflective colors like blue, black, green and purple wrapping all around the ring, the mother-of-pearl inlay is a stunning contrast to the clean, polished look of the tungsten surrounding it. If you want the durability of tungsten with a fresh, exciting look, this is the right ring for you. If mother-of-pearl isn’t the right fit for you, there are plenty of options for t ungsten rings with inlays to choose from.

Get Your Perfect Ring With An Alternative Wedding Band

Your wedding day marks a special, unique relationship between you and your significant other. Make sure your ring reflects those unique qualities by choosing a ring that’s more than just a circular piece of metal. Click here for a full list of men’s wedding ring options or call 800-965-3069 with any questions.