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May 04, 2017 5 min read sells a wide variety matte black rings and wedding bands. Whether you want the hardness and scratch resistance of tungsten carbide or prefer the lightweight, durability of carbon fiber,we have just the right ring for you! All matte black rings are covered under your Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty. So, if your ring cracks or breaks, we’ll send you a replacement. Free re-sizing is also part of our customer-friendly warranty.  

Matte Black Metals

Zirconium: Zirconium is one of thenewest metals to be included in jewelry making and is likely to become THE choice for a black ring. If the fear of scratching a black tungsten ring worries you, zirconium may be just the right fit! It is a natural element which begins as a silver color which is then heat treated. The extremely high heat creates oxidation which turns the ring black. That oxidization layer is as hard as a sapphire and creates a virtually permanent black finish. And it is not vulnerable to cracking and breaking like ceramic and tungsten.

Tungsten: The hardest metal used in jewelry making, tungsten carbide rings are the most scratch resistant available, although not 100% scratch proof. Tungsten carbide isextremely durable, but that same hardness property creates the possibility of shattering or cracking if struck in just the right manner. The black variation of tungsten is created by coating the standard gray ring with a plating of black titanium alloy.

Other Matte Black Materials

Ceramic: Extremely durable, scratch resistant, and non-conductive, ceramic rings are a great looking and affordable choice. An added benefit of ceramic is that the color runs throughout, so there is no worry about the finish wearing off. Ceramic is the second hardest material we offer in rings which makes itincredibly scratch resistant, although not 100% scratch proof. That same hardness property can also make it vulnerable to cracking or breaking if struck in just the right way.

Carbon Fiber: Carbon Fiber rings are undoubtedly thelightest ring on the market.  Although they are light, they are extremely durable and non-conductive. Soft to the touch, the tight weaves make carbon fiber rings strong enough to support the weight of a grown man standing on it. Carbon fiber can be used as an inlay in bands made from other materials or as the sole material in a ring. These are one of the more affordable alternative metals.


Matte Black Tungsten Rings


KNIGHT Pipe Cut Black Tungsten Carbide Ring with Brushed Finish | 10mm

A great onyx-colored tungsten carbide wedding band, the KNIGHT features a traditional pipe-cut design and a brushed finish that's matte and masculine, with the right amount of eye catching attention to detail. The beefy 10mm width is paired with a Comfort Fit style band for ease of wearing.Read more or purchase this product.

LEXINGTON Tungsten Carbide Ring with Black Ceramic Center | 8mm

This amazing band is made from a combination of black ceramic & tungsten carbide, which makes it both durable and unbelievably scratch resistant. With a raised center of matte black ceramic, and tungsten carbide edges,  LEXINGTON is one smart looking scratch resistant ring. Read more or purchase this product.

 ATLANTIC Tungsten Carbide Ring with Brushed Black Ceramic Center | 8mm

ATLANTIC offers a perfect marriage of black ceramic and white tungsten carbide. The brushed ceramic center is set between highly-polished beveled edges, making ATLANTIC, and those who wear it, stand out in any crowd! Read more or purchase this product.

SKYFALL Flat Black Satin Finished Tungsten Carbide Band with Diagonal Diamonds Set in Stainless Steel | 8 mm

Like a shooting star streaking across the dark night sky, this stunning black tungsten carbide band is a real show stopper. SKYFALL's flat-styled band with satin finish sports a trio of white diamonds set into a diagonal stainless steel inlay. Read more or purchase this product.

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Black Matte Ceramic Rings


REVONUS Black Ceramic Ring with Brushed Center and Polished Edges | 4mm, 6mm, 8mm & 10mm

The REVONUS ring is an amazing example of what can be accomplished by subtlety and simplicity when you have the right design sensibilities. A flat cut black ceramic ring, this ring is nearly completely scratch resistant and tough. Great visual interest is created by the contrast between its brushed center and polished edges. Read more or purchase this product.

TUXEDO Black Ceramic Diamond Wedding Band with Polished Beveled Step Edges & Raised Brushed Center | 6mm & 8mm

The sharp looking TUXEDO brings together a crisp black & white elegance and a relaxed formality into this ring. A band formed from black ceramic has been brush finished on the exterior and topped with a white diamond setting. Highly polished beveled step edges are an additional enhancement crafted out of white tungsten carbide.  Available 6mm and 8mm. Read more or purchase this product.



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Black Matte Carbon Fiber Rings

 AXIS Flat Solid Carbon Fiber Ring | 6mm & 8mm

The perfect jewelry for car and bike enthusiasts, carbon fiber rings are both light and extremely durable. Undoubtedly the lightest ring on the market, AXIS is strong enough to support the weight of a grown man standing on it. The tight weaves of carbon fiber make an awesome statement on this ring which is offered in both 6 & 8mm widths. Read more or purchase this product.


ANGULO Flat Solid Carbon Fiber Ring with Angled Mesh Pattern | 6mm & 8mm

Strong enough to support the weight of a grown man standing on it, ANGULO is crafted from ultra light and extremely durable solid carbon fiber. With its carbon fiber mesh set on the angle, this light weight ring is perfect for those who don't want to be weighed down by a metal band. Offered in both 6 & 8mm widths.Read more or purchase this product.

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Black Matte Zirconium Rings

CARBON Domed Zirconium Band with Satin Finish | 6mm, 7mm &  8mm

CARBON features a domed Comfort Fit profile with a silky smooth, brushed satin finish. Crafted from heat treated zirconium metal until it oxidizes, you'll never have the worry about the black finish wearing off....and it's still scratch resistant. Multiple widths and sizes make this a ring almost anyone can wear.

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NITTE Step Edged Milled Zirconium Band with Satin Finish & Argentium Silver Inlays | 8mm

Milled into segments that create a step edged band, NITTE is a solid black zirconium ring set off with Argentium silver inlays like rivets at each corner. In contrast to its industrial look, this comfort fit band is easy to wear. Read more or purchase this product.


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