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Whether you prefer the classic appeal of a single metal ring, or like the uniqueness of mixed metals and wood inlays, has just the wedding band for you. Our trending rings for 2017 collection hosts a variety of metals and other durable ring materials, sono matter what your jewelry taste or lifestyle, there’s surely something to catch your eye! Shop our trending collection of fashionable wedding bands now while they’re in stock!

All trending rings in this collection are covered under your Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty. So, if your ring cracks or breaks, we’ll send you a replacement. Free re-sizing is also part of our customer-friendly warranty. Please consider that inlays are sealed with a protective resin coating which is not as scratch resistant as the band itself.

Trending Rings Collection Metals

Tungsten Carbide: The hardest metal used in jewelry making, tungsten carbide rings are the most scratch resistant available, although not 100% scratch proof. Tungsten carbide isextremely durable, but that same hardness property creates the possibility of shattering or cracking if struck in just the right manner, but you are always covered under our Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty!

Gold: 14K is the standard for jewelry and actually contains only 58.585% gold because other metals are added for strength and durability. Although gold does not offer the hardness or scratch resistance in comparison to contemporary metals, this precious metal can beeasily polished. Alloys and rhodium can be added to gold to offer varieties in both rose and white as an alternative to the traditional yellow gold.

Cobalt: Cobalt chrome boasts a beautiful, platinum-like color throughout the ring making it a great,affordable choice if you are trying to pair it with a more expensive platinum or white gold engagement ring. Cobalt rings are not nearly as susceptible to chipping or cracking like harder metals and ceramic. It is both lightweight (heavier than titanium, but lighter than tungsten carbide) and hypoallergenic.

Zirconium: Zirconium is one of thenewest metals to be included in jewelry making and is likely to become THE choice for a black ring. If the fear of scratching a black tungsten ring worries you, zirconium may be just the right fit! It is a natural element which begins as a silver color which is then heat treated. The extremely high heat creates oxidation which turns the ring black. That oxidization layer is as hard as a sapphire and creates a virtually permanent black finish. And it is not vulnerable to cracking and breaking like ceramic and tungsten.

Trendy Tungsten Wedding Rings

LANDON Flat Tungsten Band with Rose Gold & Argentium Silver Inlays | 8mm

LANDON's multi-layered inlay features a 2mm stripe of 14k rose gold sandwiched between two thinner stripes of argentium silver and set in a flat tungsten band. Highly polished, this beautiful ring is a great twist on the typical band. Read more or purchase this product.

ANACLETO Blue Dinosaur Bone Inlay Tungsten Carbide Ring | 4mm & 8mm

A very unique ring, ANACLETO is formed from beautifully rugged tungsten carbide (one of the most scratch resistant metals used in jewelry making) and inlaid with actual mineralized dinosaur fossil. As the bone in the fossil decays over millions of years, it is replaced by blue toned minerals. Because of the natural fossil in each ANACLETO band, no two inlays are exactly alike - making each ring both special & one of a kind! Read more or purchase this product.

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Trendy Gold Wedding Rings

GENOA 14k Flat Cut White & Rose Gold Band with Polished Finish | 6mm, 7mm & 8mm

A 14K white gold band is offset by a seamless rose gold edge. Every GENOA ring is made to order with flat cut styling and a comfort fit interior. Read more or purchase this product.

TRIESTE 14k Flat Cut White & Yellow Gold Band with Polished Finish | 6mm, 7mm & 8mm

A 14K white gold band flows seamlessly into yellow gold edges on the TRIESTE ring. Each band is made to order with flat cut styling and a comfort fit interior. Read more or purchase this product.

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Trendy Cobalt Wedding Rings

GUSTAV Meteorite 3mm Inlay Flat Cobalt Band | 8mm

GUSTAV's 8mm band has been inlaid with a 3mm wide laser cut of Gibeon meteorite. This flat styled cobalt band has a highly polished finish which closely resembles platinum for a fraction of the price! Due to the natural inlay each ring is unique from the next. Read more or purchase this product.

KACIA Koa Wood Interior Domed Cobalt Band with Satin Finish | 6mm, 7mm, & 8mm

Made to order, this modern cobalt band has been satin finished and then lined with a gorgeous Koa wood interior. KACIA's classic domed style comes in a wide variety of widths and sizes. Read more or purchase this product.

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Trendy Zirconium Wedding Rings

RUZE Flat Zirconium Band with Machine Finish & 1mm 14k Rose Gold Inlay | 6mm,7mm & 8mm

Simple in design but distinctly unique, RUZE has been machine finished for an awesome industrial look. An offset 1mm wide inlay of 14K rose gold completes this modern band. Read more or purchase this product.

DRUM Flat Brushed Zirconium Band with Triple Grooves | 6mm, 7mm & 8mm

A great looking ring, DRUM features 3 square-cut grooves on a flat-cut Comfort Fit band. The black grooves provide sharp contrast to the satin silver-tone band. Widths available from 6mm to 8mm with sizes running from 3 to 17! Read more or purchase this product.

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