Tungsten Carbide Rings & Wedding Bands: Common Myths Debunked

November 27, 2015 3 min read

When it comes to Tungsten Carbide rings, there are many misconceptions about their durability, comfort and more. Here’s a list of the common myths about Tungsten rings and wedding bands, plus some extra benefits of buying Tungsten.

Myth #1: Tungsten Rings Are Indestructible And Can’t Be Removed In Emergency Situations


While it’s true that Tungsten rings are very strong and durable, it’s not true that they’re indestructible. Tungsten, by itself, is a very tough metal–about as strong as Titanium. Once Carbon is added to form Tungsten Carbide, it even becomes 3-5 times harder than Titanium! In fact, when it comes to hardness, only diamonds will trump Tungsten Carbide.

The incredible durability is one of the main reasons people choose Tungsten Carbide rings and wedding bands. But, are they strong to a fault? Injuring your finger while wearing a Tungsten ring is a common concern for shoppers because it’s terrifying to think you might lose your finger due to the type of ring you’re wearing.

The truth is, Tungsten rings can be cracked and removed by force in cases of emergency. In fact, Tungsten rings are actually safer than other rings because rings made from softer metals will bend more easily, increasing the likelihood that they’ll injure your finger in an accident.

Myth #2: Tungsten Carbide Rings Will Wear Down, Get Scratched, And Fade Over Time


While it’s common for many rings to wear down over time and become worn, you don’t have to worry about that with Tungsten Carbide. Softer metals–such as white gold, which will actually wear to the point of showing the yellow gold underneath–require a lot of care and maintenance over the years. After a while, the number of scratches and dings may even become irreparable.

However, natural tungsten or white tungsten rings will never fade and are extremely resistant to scratching.Natural tungsten, commonly referred to as white tungsten, is really silver or light gray in color.Whether you prefer a mirror-like finish or brushed satin, your Tungsten ring will maintain its appearance over the years. There is simply no other metal that competes with Tungsten Carbide’s ability to resist fading, scratching, and other forms of wear and tear.

But here is where the myth of fading and wearing got started. Tungsten rings that have been coated in titanium (to give them a black finish) or yellow or rose gold (to give them a gold finish) are vulnerable to wearing of the finish. Should this happen, the finish can easily be re-plated for a nominal cost of about $20. Many people who have an active lifestyle and are concerned about potential wear of the finish, simply choose black ceramic rings instead. Their color runs throughout the ring so there is no plated finish to wear off.

Myth #3: The Best Tungsten Rings Are Made Of 100% Tungsten


There actually is no such thing as a 100% Tungsten ring. In its purest form, Tungsten is actually a powder. In order to mold it into a ring, it must be combined with binder. If combined with the wrong binder, Tungsten rings can actually change colors over the years. But, when mixed with the right binder, Tungsten will maintain its indestructible qualities. The most common choice of binders is nickel. The best ratio of Tungsten to nickel tends to be somewhere in the 85% (Tungsten) to 15% (Nickel) range.

Other Benefits Of Tungsten Carbide Rings

  • Tungsten rings are comfortable and Hypoallergenic. Just because Tungsten rings are made of hard metal, it doesn’t mean they can’t be made to fit comfortably. All of our Tungsten rings use Comfort Fit, a domed cut on the inside of the ring, to maintain the perfect balance between a secure fit and minimal contact with your finger.
  • The majority of Tungsten Carbide rings are also Hypoallergenic. Some manufacturers may use Cobalt instead of Nickel as the binder, creating a ring that is not Hypoallergenic. Some black Tungsten rings may use Cobalt as well, rendering them less allergenic and less durable.
  • With us, you never have to worry about rings made with Cobalt. All of our Tungsten rings use Nickel and are Hypoallergenic and extremely durable.

Tungsten Carbide rings come in a variety of options. You may have heard that only men’s rings use Tungsten and they only come in a grayish color. Not true. Our Tungsten rings come in a variety of styles for both men and women. Tungsten rings can be found in its natural light gray color or plated in black or gold finishes.