August 24, 2017 2 min read

Twist rings are trending! The interchangeable inlay makes twist ring bands a popular choice among those who want the option to switch up their ring’s style. TCRings carries a wide variety of twist interchangeable inlays, but first don’t forget your TWIST Titanium Band. The lightest weight alternative metal, titanium is great for people who don’t like the feel of wearing a ring. It’s alsodurable and budget-friendly. Our Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty covers cracks or breaks in the band, so if damage occurs, we’ll send you a replacement. This titanium band iscompatible with all our twist interchangeable ring inlays.  

Twist Interchangeable Inlay Titanium Band

TWIST Base Flat 8mm Titanium Band

As you wish - this amazing ring can be changed anytime you like!TWIST's patented design allows you to constantly change the insert to suit any mood or occasion. Each ring is finely threaded to give you the ability to simply "twist" your ring and insert a new inlay to create your own special look.Interchangeable inlays sold separately!Read more or purchase this product.

Twist Interchangeable Inlays

Whether you want zirconium or cobalt, diamond accents, hammered finish or wood inlay, TCRings has amany twist interchangeable inlays for you to browse. Keep in mind depending on the interchangeable inlays you choose, it may not be as scratch resistant as the titanium band itself.

Twist Zirconium Inserts

TWIST Zirconium with 8 Diamonds Insert

TWIST Zirconium Treebark Finish Insert

TWIST Zirconium Hammered Finish Insert

Twist Gold Inserts

TWIST 14K Rose Gold Insert

TWIST 14K Yellow Gold Insert

Twist Cobalt Inserts

TWIST Cobalt Hammered Finish Insert

TWIST Cobalt Insert

TWIST Cobalt Treebark Finish Insert

Twist Wood Inserts

TWIST Iron Wood Insert

TWIST Ash Wood Insert

TWIST Blood Wood Insert

See all of our twist interchangeable inserts or contact us today with any questions!

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