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Unique Wedding Bands | Different Wedding Rings | Unusual Rings

Looking for something other than the old tried and true in wedding bands? We have just the ring for you! Take a look at these unique and unusual rings, made from a wide variety of metals and material, as well as 14k gold..

Our alternative metal rings, made from tungsten, zirconium, cobalt and the like, provide great value when compared with those of precious metals.  Many come with a variety of different inlays, such as dinosaur bone, meteorite, Mother of Pearl, opal and exotic wood.

Each ring is part of a unique collection of similar looks and styles, so take a minute or two and browse to see what we have to offer.  And of course, all rings ship free from TCRings!

Don't see exactly what you are after? Call or email us and we might be able to make it for you. For more information, please check out our Custom Rings page.

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