Tungsten Glossary

Tungsten Wedding Band Cuts

Domed Cut: Also called 'rounded cut', domed cut rings feature a circular shape on the outside of the ring. This is a traditional shape for wedding bands and promise rings.

Flat Cut: Also called 'pipe cut', there is no dome on the outside of this cut.

Beveled Cut: In beveled cut bands, the middle of the ring is usually flat. The 'bevels' are on the edge - they provide a flat, smooth transition between the middle and the edge of the ring.

Raised Center: Similar to beveled cut, but there are no bevels, and there's a step-transition between the edge and the center of the ring.

Tungsten Wedding Band Styles

Faceted: Some of our rings are faceted, done by extremely high precision machinery. The facets can be in rectangular, square or even oval shape. You can click here to visit our faceted tungsten rings collection.

Inlays: A very popular collection of tungsten rings, inlay tungsten rings feature a different section in the middle. The inlay in the center can vary from an opal to a strip of carbon fiber, featuring many brilliant colors.

Grooved: Any ring with one or more linear grooves falls under this category. Many rings feature both grooves and inlays.

The Materials That We Feature

Tungsten Carbide: Tungsten by itself is extremely strong (as strong as titanium) but when carbon is added to create an alloy, it becomes 3 to 5 times harder. Tungsten carbide is extremely durable and scratch resistant, and rings made from it will keep their shine forever.

Black Ceramic: Black ceramic is another very strong material that we feature. Black ceramic is black throughout, so scratches won't show a different color beneath.

Black Tungsten: Tungsten doesn't exist in black in its natural form, so white tungsten is coated with black titanium to create our wonderful Black Tungsten Rings. However, just like white gold rings (which are coated with white rhodium), black tungsten rings when scratched will show the white tungsten beneath. So if you want a black ring but work with your hands often, and run the risk of scratching the ring, we recommend you get a black ceramic ring instead.