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August 10, 2017 3 min read

camo rings wedding bands

Camouflage is a popular design for rings. Whether you want to honor the military or express your love for the great outdoors,our camo collection will not disappoint! TCRings’ camo bands come in durable, scratch resistant ceramic and tungsten carbide. All camo collection rings are covered under our Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty. So, if your ring cracks or breaks, we’ll send you a replacement. For camo wedding bands with camo inlays, the inlay is sealed with a protective resin coating which is not as scratch resistant as the band itself.


Camo Collection Metals

TCRings carries a nice selection of camouflage wedding rings in tungsten carbide. Express yourself with one of our unique styles!

Tungsten Carbide: The hardest metal used in jewelry making, tungsten carbide rings are the most scratch resistant available, although not 100% scratch proof. Tungsten carbide isextremely durable, but that same hardness property creates the possibility of shattering or cracking if struck in just the right manner, but you are always covered under our Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty!


Camo Collection Materials

TCRings also carries several camo collection rings in ceramic. Available in white, pink and black ceramic, we offer something for everyone!

Ceramic: Extremely durable, scratch resistant, and non-conductive, ceramic rings are a great looking and affordable choice. Ceramic is the second hardest material we offer in rings which makes itincredibly scratch resistant, although not 100% scratch proof. That same hardness property can also make it vulnerable to cracking or breaking if struck in just the right way, but not to worry, our Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty covers such damage.

Tungsten Camo Collection Rings

LAPUA Tungsten Wedding Ring with Military Style Jungle Camouflage Inlay | 10mm

This is military-style camo and features military colors. Beveled and highly polished around the edges, LAPUA will stand the test of time. Read more or purchase this product.

SILICON Tungsten Carbide Ring with Engraved Digital Camouflage 8mm

Looking for something truly different? Here it is. SILICON is the ultimate conversation piece. Crafted from tough tungsten carbide overlaid with a laser engraved digital camo pattern, this ring is too cool. Read more or purchase this product.

CHAPARRAL Camo Green Leaves Tungsten Carbide Ring | 8mm

Nature lovers & outdoor enthusiasts alike will love this tungsten carbide ring with its realistic tree patterned inlay. CHAPARRAL's polished band accentuates the resin-coated inlay in this 8mm band. Read more or purchase this product.

MAVERICK Camo Pattern Black and Gray Beveled Black Tungsten Carbide Ring | 8mm

MAVERICK's striking design sports a black & gray laser engraved camo pattern over a black tungsten carbide band for a look all its own. Beveled edges complete the design. Read more or purchase this product.

View the full tungsten camo collection!


Ceramic Camo Collection Rings

DIRAC Beveled Black Ceramic Ring w/ Real Military Style Jungle Camo 6mm, 8mm & 10mm

This incredible ring is from our Camo Rings collection. Made from black ceramic, the DIRAC's centerpiece is the authentic military style camo inlay masterfully planted in the middle. The inlay featured in this ring has all the authentic colors and shapes of a jungle camo. The beveled design of this ring is a beauty to look at and wear! Read more or purchase this product.

MIRAGE Desert Camo Military Style Beveled Black Ceramic Ring | 8mm

MIRAGE features a glossy, scratch resistant black ceramic band framing a desert-themed camo inlay. Looking for that perfect marriage of strength and beauty? Pick MIRAGE. Read more or purchase this product.

JAVA Camo White Ceramic Band Domed 8mm

With a different twist on camo, JAVA starts with a domed white ceramic band embellished with laser engraved camo markings. The distinctive look is complemented by an 8mm Comfort Fit band. Read more or purchase this product.

FUCHSIA Domed Polished Pink Ceramic Ring with Laser Engraved Camo Pattern 6mm

FUCHSIA is on the cutting edge of fashion with its pink camo-patterned finish. The solid ceramic band has been laser engraved to give FUCHSIA its distinct look. Read more or purchase this product.

Check out the entire camo collection or contact us today with any questions!

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