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Warranty + Returns

Lifetime Warranty, Size Exchanges & Returns Policy has one of the most customer-friendly warranties ever seen on an online store. To learn more about our policies, read below. You can always contact us via  our phone number above, or through our Contact Us page.

Lifetime Warranty for Size Exchanges or Damage

Your ring is automatically covered under our comprehensive Lifetime Warranty. This is the most customer-friendly warranty in the industry, and in addition to covering any kind of manufacturing defects for life, it also covers accidental damage or breaks. In both cases, you can simply return the ring and exchange it for a new one that's the same style and width. This includes free resizing for life - if your finger size has changed, we can exchange it for a new size, free of charge (except engraving).

If that particular style, width or size has been discontinued, we'll send you a ring of equal value and size that most closely matches it.

Our white, black and gold tungsten rings are extremely strong and scratch resistant. However, those colors are created by plating other metals to the tungsten. Plating will naturally wear off over time and can be re-applied for a cost of $20. (If you prefer to avoid re-plating, look at zirconium or ceramic for black alternatives, cobalt for white alternatives and solid 14k gold for gold alternatives.)

Please note that while our standard tungsten and ceramic rings are the most scratch resistant rings in the world, they can still be scratched by harder materials. This means scratches are considered regular wear and tear and will not be considered as a defect, and are not covered under our warranty. We can re-polish (or in the case of white, black or gold tungsten rings, re-plate) the rings for you for $20.

In addition, inlays made from carbon, wood, meteorite, mother of pearl, dinosaur bone fossil and other natural materials are not as scratch proof as the band itself, so please keep this in mind if you want a ring that's as scratch proof as possible.

If your ring is engraved (either by us or a third party) we can still exchange it (please keep in mind that to re-engrave a ring, the original engraving cost still applies) but any other kind of third party modification on the ring will void its warranty.

Any shipping costs necessary to return the ring or for warranty work are the responsibility of the customer.

It's well known that the famed toughness and resilience of tungsten carbide and black ceramic rings make them very hard to resize. Not to worry. We can exchange your ring for a new size for you for no cost (except shipping). This means free resizing for life.


40-Day Free Returns 

If you simply don't like your ring, within the first 40 days you can return it to us for a full refund - no questions asked. Simply call or email us and we will email you the form you need.

  1. You will receive your full refund within 4 weeks. This includes the shipping time for the ring, our inspection, and the bank processing the refund request. In most cases this will be much faster than 4 weeks.
  2. You are responsible for the shipping costs when returning your ring. In addition, you are fully responsible for the ring until it's delivered to our offices. We cannot be held responsible if the ring is damaged or lost during the return shipping period.
  3. If there was a shipping error on our part (like a wrong shipment), we will also pay for the shipping cost of the return.
  4. We cannot give you a full refund if the ring is scratched or is otherwise showing obvious signs of usage. Nothing to worry - most rings can be returned.
  5. If for any reason we deem the ring unreturnable after our inspection, you're responsible for the shipping cost of returning the ring back to you.
  6. If you had your ring engraved, we cannot refund the engraving fee. Only the ring's original cost can be refunded.
  7. If you have ordered 3 or more rings in a single purchase and want to return 2 or more of them, please see the relevant section below.

During the first 40 days, you can also exchange your ring for a different size, or a wholly different ring (if the new ring's price is different, you'll be charged/refunded the difference). Please keep in mind though, that we cannot refund the engraving fee, so if you wanted to exchange your ring for another engraved ring, the engraving cost would still apply.

Return Policy for Orders Containing 3 or More Rings

We welcome customers ordering multiple rings to try different sizes or styles. However, if the order contains 3 or more rings with the intention of returning 2 or more of them, we will have to charge a 15% restocking fee when issuing your refunds when you send the rings back. There is absolutely no restocking fee if your original order had 1 or 2 rings - it starts at 3. Thank you for understanding.