Warranty + Returns

: Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranties 

Warranties & Return Policies vary by the material used to create your ring: 

  • Precious Metals
  • Combination of Contemporary & Precious Metals
  • Contemporary Metals
  • Custom Rings

Warranties do not cover loss of your ring or engraving fees, return shipping or shipping insurance costs. To learn more about our specific ring warranties, read below. We are happy to answer any questions you have…… just call us at 1.800.965.3069 or reach out through our Contact Us page.

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Precious Metal Rings

14k Gold     Palladium     Platinum


Our Precious Metal rings are warrantied against manufacturing defects. Please contact us immediately if there is anything materially defective in the creation of your ring so that it can be corrected.

Return Policy:

Precious Metal rings are NOT returnable if they have been engraved or custom designed. All other Precious Metal Rings can be returned for any reason for a full refund if received back to us within:

  • 7 days of the delivery date to you if it has a stone set in it
  • 15 days of the delivery date to you if it does NOT have a stone set in it

Combination Precious Metal & Contemporary Metal Rings

All rings that combine Precious Metals with Contemporary Metals


Your Combination Precious & Contemporary Metal ring is covered under a Lifetime Warranty for any MANUFACTURING DEFECT. Please contact us immediately if there is anything materially defective in the creation of your ring so that it can be corrected.

Due to the complex process of combining these metals, a resizing fee of $175 will be charged.

Return Policy:

Custom designed Combination Precious & Contemporary Metal rings are NOT returnable.  All other Combination Precious & Contemporary Metal rings can be returned to us for a full refund and for any reason if received back to us within:

  • 15 days of the delivery date to you.
*Engraved Combination Precious & Contemporary Metal rings ARE returnable. 


Contemporary Metal Rings

Carbon Fiber     Ceramic     Cobalt     Crushed Diamond     Damascus Steel

Mokume Gane     MokuTi     Tantalum

Titanium     Tungsten     Zirconium     


Contemporary Metal rings cannot be repaired or resized due to the hardness of the ring material, so it is automatically covered under our COMPREHENSIVE Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty. This is the most customer-friendly warranty in the industry which covers:

  • Manufacturing defects for life
  • Accidental damage or breaks
    • Please note that while our standard tungsten and ceramic rings are the most scratch resistant rings in the world, they can still be scratched by harder materials. This means scratches are considered regular wear and tear and will not be considered as a defect and are not covered under our warranty.
  • Free size exchange for life (excluding engraving fees)

Discontinued items: If the style, width, or size of your Contemporary Metal ring has been discontinued, we'll send you a ring of equal value and size that most closely matches it.

Engraved items: If your Contemporary Metal ring is engraved, we can still exchange it (you will only pay the cost of a new engraving) but any other kind of third party modification on the ring will void its warranty.

Non-scratch proof material: In addition, inlays made from carbon, wood, meteorite, mother of pearl, dinosaur bone fossil and other natural materials are not as scratch proof as the band itself, so please keep this in mind if you want a ring that's as scratch proof as possible.

*Any shipping costs necessary to return the ring or for warranty work are the responsibility of the customer.

Return Policy:

Your Contemporary Metal ring can be returned to us for a full refund and for any reason within 15 days of the delivery date to you. 

Custom Rings


Varies by manufacturer and product material. Information will be provided during design process.

Return Policy:

Your Custom ring is made especially to your specifications and therefore cannot be returned.

*Custom engraving on a Precious Metal Ring also makes it non-returnable. 

: Return Process for Eligible Refunds

Request a Return Authorization

We don’t want you to just like your ring…. we want you to love it!  

You can return your ring for a full refund (excluding custom rings) for any reason within the time periods specified above, provided it is in original condition as shipped to you. Engraving fees are not refundable and will be deducted from your refund amount. Simply call or email us and we will email you the form you need.

  • Once we have received your ring and verified it to be in original condition, we will issue the refund by the same method paid minus any engraving fees and return shipping fees (including shipping insurance).
    • If you choose to ship your ring back to us using your own shipping label, you are then responsible for the ring until it is delivered to our offices. We cannot be held responsible if the ring is damaged or lost during the return shipping period if you do not use the label we provide.
  • If there was a shipping error on our part (such as the wrong style or size from what you ordered), we will pay for the shipping cost of the return.
  • We cannot give you a full refund if the ring is scratched or is otherwise showing obvious signs of usage.
  • If for any reason we deem the ring unreturnable after our inspection, you are responsible for the shipping cost of returning the ring back to you.
  • If you had your ring engraved, we cannot refund the engraving fee. Only the ring's original cost can be refunded.