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TCrings.com has a great collection of nature rings. Perfect for outdoorsmen and those with active lifestyles. We offer nature rings inextremely durable tungsten carbide and scratch resistant black ceramic. All nature rings are covered under our Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty. So, if it cracks or breaks, we’ll send you a replacement.

Nature Ring Metals

Tungsten Carbide: The hardest metal used in jewelry making, tungsten carbide rings are the most scratch resistant available, although not 100% scratch proof. Tungsten carbide isextremely durable, but that same hardness property creates the possibility of shattering or cracking if struck in just the right manner, but you are always covered under your Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty!

Other Nature Ring Materials

Ceramic: Extremely durable, scratch resistant, and non-conductive, ceramic rings are a great looking and affordable choice. An added benefit of ceramic is that the color runs throughout, so there is no worry about the finish wearing off. Ceramic is the second hardest material we offer in rings which makes itincredibly scratch resistant, although not 100% scratch proof. That same hardness property can also make it vulnerable to cracking or breaking if struck in just the right way, but not to worry, our Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty covers such damage.

Tungsten Nature Rings

LAPUA Tungsten Wedding Ring with Military Style Jungle Camouflage Inlay | 10mmThis is military-style camo and features military colors. Beveled and highly polished around the edges, LAPUA will stand the test of time. Read more or purchase this product.

SUNSHINE Flat Tungsten Ring Engraved with Peaks Mountain Range Scene | 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm & 12mm

Bring to mind the warmth of the sun on your face every time you wear this ring. Skillfully engraved with a mountain range scene, SUNSHINE is crafted from polished tungsten carbide in a flat band style. Read more or purchase this product.

THE HERD Flat Tungsten Ring with Engraved Five Deer Stag Hunting Landscape Scene | 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm & 12mm

A classic flat styled tungsten band, THE HERD has been engraved with 5 magnificent deer stags - a great symbol of the power and beauty of the natural world. Available in 5 different widths. Read more or purchase this product.

MAYFLOWER Spinning Engraved Anchor Tungsten Carbide Spinner Band | 8mm

Our tungsten carbide anchor engraved spinner ring will be a reminder of those days spent sailing the sea with loved ones. Lull yourself into the relaxing memory by spinning the center of the MAYFLOWER around and around. Read more or purchase this product.

WETTERHORN Flat Tungsten Ring Engraved with Reindeer Deer Stag Mountain Range | 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm & 12mm

Crafted from tungsten carbide this flat styled band has been polished and engraved with a stunning reindeer and mountain range landscape scene. With a large array of widths and sizes available, WETTERHORN is the perfect choice for nature lovers. Read more or purchase this product.


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Ceramic Nature Rings

MIRAGE Desert Camo Military Style Beveled Black Ceramic Ring | 8mm

MIRAGE features a glossy, scratch resistant black ceramic band framing a desert-themed camo inlay. Looking for that perfect marriage of strength and beauty? Pick MIRAGE.

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