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So, where did zirconium rings come from?

So you are considering a black zirconium wedding band? Here's some cool history and facts you might want to know before purchasing a zirconium ring.....

Buried deep inside one of the twelve gemstones of the Breastplate of Aaron, the mineral zirconium lay undiscovered in the jacinth jewel stone for thousands of years. Named in the biblical Book of Exodus, jacinth is listed as the first stone in the third row of the high priest’s breastplate.

Known as zargon in Persian, jacinth eventually came to be called zircon. According to Dutch historian, Peter van der Krogt “during the middle ages zircon was thought to induce sleep, promote riches, honor and wisdom; drive away plagues and evil spirits.” 

Fast forward through history to 1789 when German chemist Martin Heinrich Klaproth began to study a sample of zircon from Sri Lanka. Suspecting he had discovered a new element in its composition, he named it Zirkonerde which Sir Humphrey David later re-named it… got it…... zirconium! 
But it was not until 1824 when Swedish chemist, Jons Jacob Berzelius actually isolated the metal. By 1925 Dutch scientists Anton Eduard van Arkel and Jan Hendrik de Boer were finally able to produce a pure bar of zirconium.....or so says the Royal Society of Chemistry

So what’s so great about zirconium?

Well, according to Chemcool, it's…...
  • non-toxic
  • highly noncorrosive (except in contact with hydrofluoric acid)
  • has a melting point of a whopping 3,362 degrees Fahrenheit – that’s 1,850 degrees Celsius!

Let's get nerdy....

All these properties make it great for use in heat sensitive applications like nuclear rods, pipes, fittings and heat exchangers according to Chemicool. And LiveScience also lists uses in medical, surgical, and dental devices & prosthesis. But wait! there’s more…... the Minerals Education Coalition says, “zirconium compounds are used for bricks, ceramics and abrasives, flashbulbs, explosive primers, lamp filaments and artificial gemstones.” what are the pros and cons of a black zirconium ring?

  •  Virtually permanent black finish
  • Less expensive than precious metals
  • Modern Style
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Lifetime Size & Damage Exchanges
  • Black Finish can look super dark gray in some lights
  • Generally resizing involves exchanging for a new ring

Zirconium wedding ring styles ...... 

So you couldn’t ask for a cooler metal to have your ring made from. It’s got history, mystery and nerdy science in its resume, but better than that it’s just looks awesome. Zirconium is one of the newest metals to be included in the making of jewelry today…... especially if you are searching for a black, industrial looking ring or wedding band.

By exposing the basic grayish-white metal to extremely high heat you create surface oxidation which turns zirconium's natural silver color to black. That oxidization layer is as hard as a sapphire, virtually scratch-proof, and creates a permanently black finish on your ring or wedding band. 

+ Plus.....

zirconium is also a great option if you are looking for a black ring with a uniquely creative design.  Diamond cutting tools are used to score deep into the band, adding a physical dimension and enhanced visual interest to the ring's appearance. Want to see all of our zirconium wedding bands? Just click here!
Don't see exactly what you are after? Call or email us and we might be able to make it for you. For more information, please check out our Custom Rings page.


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