Advantages of Tungsten Wedding Bands

Raw Strength

Just by itself, Tungsten is a very hard and durable metal, as strong as Titanium. Once it's combined with carbon to form Tungsten Carbide, it becomes 3x to 5x harder than titanium. It's hardness could only surpassed by diamonds.

When combined to other metals like gold, platinum or silver, the hardness advantage of tungsten carbide becomes even more apparent, as it's at least 10x harder than gold and these other metals. It cannot be bent and will keep its exact shape forever.

Scratch/Fade Resistance

Tungsten wins hands down when it comes to resisting scratches. With gold, silver or even platinum rings, every time you hit your ring somewhere hard you know it adds another scratch or nick on your ring. These will add up very quickly, and after years and years of normal wear you will really end up with a worn down ring. 

With normal wear, tungsten will rarely scratch and will simply not fade. These rings are simply the best of the best when it comes to holding their shine. Especially our polished rings have a mirror-like finish that will not fade over the years, while the brushed satin finished rings will also preserve the way they look.

Comfortable Fit

All our rings (men's and women's wedding bands) have been crafted with Comfort Fit. You can read more about our Ring Sizing Guide here. Comfort Fit means a domed cut on the interior of the ring, where it touches your skin. This domed cut ensures that the area of skin contact is minimal, and at the same time keeps the ring around your finger securely.

Most engagement and wedding rings come in Flat/Standard Fit. This means that the interior is flat instead of domed, and it maximizes skin contact, possibly leading to skin irritation.