Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are your rings for men or for women?

We carry rings for both men and women. Many styles look equally great on both male and female hands.

Can I get my ring engraved?

Yes! Most of the rings we are offer are engravable. (There are a few exceptions, so be sure to check the Description for engraving information.) Simply go to any ring's product page, and select whether or not you want engraving on the ring. You can choose from many fonts (up to 30 characters).

What is the difference between ring width and ring size?

Ring Size is the diameter of the ring, and will be based on the width of your fingers. (For more information on how to select the correct ring size, please click here to see our Ring Sizing Guide.)

Ring Width is the length of the ring that runs along your finger. Some of our rings come in different widths you can choose. This is mostly a cosmetic choice. As a rule of thumb, it's good to know that 2mm roughly corresponds to the thickness of one US nickel. So if you're getting a 6mm ring, you can put three nickels on top of each other and that's how long the ring will be along your finger.

Are these rings hypoallergenic?

Yes, all of our tungsten bands exclusively use nickel, and are cobalt free.

Can tungsten or ceramic rings be resized?

Tungsten carbide and ceramic are so hard and tough that it's impossible to resize them with methods used to resize other rings such as gold, platinum or silver. Fortunately, you are covered from the time you purchase a ring from us against all types of finger size changes. This means that if at any time your finger size changes, we will simply replace your ring with a new one with your new finger size.  For an unlimited number of times. For life!

In addition, we will replace your ring if it's ever deformed or damaged, even accidentally. Please see our Warranty section for details.

Are Tungsten or Ceramic Rings totally scratch proof?

Our Tungsten and Ceramic wedding bands are extremely hard and scratch resistant. However, 'scratch proof' would indicate that there is no material in the world that can scratch our rings, and that's not true. There are a couple of things that can scratch your ring, but under normal use, scratches will be minimal to non-existent and the finish will not fade.


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