Our Price Guarantee

Tungsten-Carbide-Rings.Net's Price Guarantee

We pride ourselves to be a customer satisfaction based company. We strive to offer you the best prices, and the best service at the same time.

As you can see from our huge discounts, our products are priced very aggressively. However, we would also like to offer you a price guarantee.



If you find an identical product being offered at a different website, and if you haven't ordered yet, we will not only match their price but we will beat it, and will offer you a further $5 off their price!



If you have already ordered your ring from us but within 30 days see it offered cheaper somewhere else, we will refund you the difference.

And so, you can shop from us till your heart's content, knowing that you will always be guaranteed to pay as little as possible, fully protected under our terms!



Please contact us either via the form on our Contact Us page, our LiveChat app, or by calling us at 1-800-965-3069. Please be sure to include (or have at hand) the name of the product, the URL the competing offer is displayed, and their price. We will perform a quick check and confirm the guarantee.


Only applicable to identical products, as in manufacturer, brand, model number and SKU number. Ring design, size and shape must be identical. We reserve the right to do our own confirmation and checking for the availability/stock of the cheaper offer on the competing website. Must be a new product. New or used products from auction sites such as Ebay are not eligible for our price matching, neither are brick-and-mortar store prices - only eCommerce websites are eligible. Not applicable to competing prices lowered by one-time sales events, seasonal sales events, and coupons. While comparing the two prices, the total price of the purchase will be taken into account, including shipping, handling, tax, and if applicable, engraving. We are 100% committed to both guarantees, but reserve the right to not apply the before-sale price guarantee to certain rare items. These terms make sure that we can protect our business and still offer you the best price and customer service!