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September 21, 2017 3 min read

If traditional gold and tungsten carbide rings aren’t your style, carries an impressive selection of new metals including Damascus Steel and Moku-Ti. These new metals are unique in that they are created byfusing different metals together to create a distinctive, one-of-a-kind look. Both new metals feature swirling wood grain patterns, with or without intricate inlays of silver, gold or wood.

All Damascus Steel and Moku-Ti bands are covered under your Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty. So, if your Damascus ring is ever damaged, we’ll send you a replacement. Free re-sizing is also part of our customer-friendly warranty. Please consider that inlays are sealed with a protective resin coating which is not as scratch resistant as the band itself.

New Metals

Damascus Steel: This new metal is created bybonding together different grades of steelfollowed by an acid treatment to create its unique look. The swirling pattern is all the way through so you will not have to worry about it wearing away. It dates to as early as 200 AD, and for centuries swords and knives taken into battle were forged of Damascus Steel.  In emergencies, Damascus Steel rings can be removed with a diamond ring cutter.

Moku-Ti: This new metal features gorgeous blue and green wood grain patterns that arecreated by fusing titanium and alloysthen formed into a rod and twisted. This process creates the swirling lines you see in the metal. The look is very similar to Mokume-Gane and Damascus Steel but with bright, brilliant colors. Moku-Ti is very lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Damascus Steel Rings

SHEMEN Twisted Damascus Steel Ring with Olive Wood Liner | 8mm

A wild Damascus Steel pattern visually flows around the SHEMEN band which has been lined with a luxurious olive wood interior.Read more or purchase this product.

BLADE Flat Twisted Damascus Steel Ring | 8mm

Turn this ring around from one side to the other and you can see how the light can give it a dark or light cast! (Every image depicted here is of the exact same ring!) BLADE is made from Damascus Steel which has been twisted to give it an amazing look like ancient Damascus knives and swords.Read more or purchase this product.

TAMIL Twisted Damascus Steel Ring with 14k Yellow Gold Inlay | 8mm

This stunning ring changes in color from dark gray to light depending on how the light hits it. (This is the same ring in each photo.) TAMIL, crafted from Damascus Steel, has a gorgeous twisted pattern that is accentuated by an offset band of 14k yellow gold!Read more or purchase this product.

DAMASCENE Twisted Damascus Steel Ring with Burl Wood Inlay | 8mm

An awesome pairing, DAMASCENE combines two amazing materials - Damascus Steel + Burled Wood into one amazing ring. Beautifully made to order. Read more or purchase this product.

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Moku-Ti Rings

RECIF Domed Moku-Ti Ring | 8mm

An almost wood grain effect in blues with green & occasional red accents take this classic domed ring to a whole new level. RECIF is made to order in Moku-Ti, a combination of titanium and alloys.Read more or purchase this product.

VALTAMERI Moku-Ti Ring with Hammered Silver Inlay | 8mm

Largely blue in color but with hints of greens and sometimes flecks of reds, this Moku-Ti band has been further dressed up with a hammered silver inlay. VALTAMERI is made to order with a Comfort Fit band.Read more or purchase this product.

REEF Beveled Edge Moku-Ti Ring | 8mm

Each ring different from the next, REEF's stunning design almost has a wood grain look but in glorious blues and greens with an occasional reddish fleck or streak on some bands. Read more or purchase this product.

OZEANO Flat Cut Moku-Ti Ring | 8mm

A work of art whose blue and green swirls resemble a satellite image of the ocean. Each ring is unique with some having a reddish speck or streak. OZEANO, formed from a mix of titanium and other metals, has a classic flat cut style and a Comfort Fit band.Read more or purchase this product.

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