Stand Out With 12mm Wedding Bands For Men & Women

March 07, 2016 3 min read

Rings come in all different sizes. When you think about ring size, you probably think about the diameter of the ring (3, 4, 5, etc.). But, that’s not the only measurement to consider. You should also consider what width is best for you. Whether you choose a 12mm band, a 6mm band, or something in between, you want to be sure the ring is comfortable and that it also matches your personal style.

Common Ring Sizes (Widths)

The most common ring widths are 8mm-10mm for men and around 4mm for women. Each person’s preference will differ based on various factors, but those are the common sizes. People with larger hands tend to go up in width and those with smaller fingers will go down in width. But, the decision really comes down to preference and how it looks on each person’s hand.

Stylish 12mm Tungsten Wedding Bands

Because men’s hands tend to be closer to the 12mm ring size, it’s common for them to choose a slightly larger ring in the 12mm bands. Specifically, 12mm tungsten wedding bands have become popular with grooms. Besides the fact that men typically have larger hands, the style of larger wedding bands is more accepted as an alternative to the more traditional 8mm-10mm wide rings. These wider 12mm bands tend to have a strong, durable look to them–qualities that could help salute your relationship and marriage.

Fashion-Forward 12mm Bands For Women

Men aren’t the only ones opting for larger ring sizes–women are also turning to 12mm bands as a way to separate themselves from those wearing more traditional jewelry. With the different finishes and styles available for 12mm rings, many women are opting for larger bands to achieve a really versatile, fashion-forward look. These wider rings can actually be very feminine, or they can be strong and bold, depending on the style you’re looking for and options you want.

What Ring Width Is Right For You?

With all the different ring options, it may be tough to decide on just the right size rin. To get an idea of what ring width is perfect for you, you can use nickels to see how far down your finger different sizes will go. One US nickel is roughly 2mm thick. Therefore, you can stack nickels together beside your finger until you find the size you think would work best for you. So, four nickels would be about 8mm, six nickels about 12mm, and so on. Just remember, you won’t be able to get an exact idea of the size and look–it’s just a way to get a rough idea.

No. If you were fitted by a jeweler then they were probably using a Standard Fit sizer to find your best fit. With smaller rings (eg 6mm), it’s actually best to order a half-size smaller than your standard size. So, if you are a size 6 then you would order a size 5.5. With larger ring sizes, such as 12mm bands, you will likely want to order a half-size larger. Comfort fit rings in the middle of those can usually remain the same as standard sizes. For more information, check out our comfort fit sizing guide.

What if your ring size changes over time?

It’s common for people’s fingers to change size throughout their lifetime. A ring that fits when you’re 18 might not even be close by the time you’re 40. But, Tungsten Carbide Rings and Wedding Bands has a solution for that: We offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on our rings that allows you to get resizing for life. Rings that can’t be resized can be exchanged for a new one of the same style and width. If your specific ring has been discontinued, we’ll send you a ring of equal value and size. Learn more about our 40-Day & Lifetime Warranties here.

To find the 12mm band that’s perfect for you, check out the selection available from Tungsten Carbide Rings and Wedding Bands