Why Posy Rings (Poesy Rings) Remain Popular Today

June 03, 2016 3 min read

Posy rings, also known as posie rings, can be traced all the way back to Ancient Egypt, with a strong resurgence occurring during the Middle Ages. Experts believe the term comes from the word “poem,” which eventually turned into poesie and now posie or posy. So, a posy ring is simply a ring with a verse from a poem engraved in it.

istorically, people have worn posy rings with religious or literary inscriptions because of the importance of faith and the impact that literature has had throughout the years. And, although that’s still common today, religion and literature don’t always factor in like they once did. Part of the reason is the popularity of posy-style rings; people from all cultures and backgrounds enjoy the customization and personalization that comes with posy rings.

Antique & Authentic Posy Rings

Many people enjoy collecting antique posy rings. These are typically religious or literary inspired rings, so the messaging of an old ring can be meaningful for people today, not just specific to the person it was originally for. Those who search for antique posy rings are usually also looking for a ring from a particular part of the world; one that matches their heritage.

When it comes to “authentic” posy rings, it can be a bit more complicated. In simple terms, nearly any ring with an inscription could be considered a posy-style ring, although typically posy rings include poetic verses. Many modern engraved rings could be considered posy rings. In most cases, when people are searching for authentic posy rings, the authenticity has more to do with the origin of the ring. Where was it made? How old is it? The answers to those questions can dictate the value of a posy ring and determine whether it’s an antique and if it’s authentic.

Posy Wedding Rings

Because of the personalization that comes with posy rings, most people want them for special occasions, such as wedding days, anniversaries, birthdays, and more. The messages on posy rings are also usually romantic, which makes them perfect for those special occasions. However, you don’t have to wait for your wedding day to get a posy-style ring. Many people choose them because they simply like the style and the ability to customize their jewelry.

Gold & Silver Posy Rings Aren’t The Only Options Anymore

Traditionally speaking, posy rings were made in either gold or silver. That’s because those metals have been available for many years and they’re also easy for jewelers to engrave. Posy rings also tend to be more traditional, so people stick with more traditional metals as well. But, gold and silver aren’t the only options to choose from when searching for engraved rings.

Today, you can find engraved, posy-style rings in nearly any style and finish. For instance, engraved, black tungsten rings are very popular for a more modern twist on the traditional version of posy rings. Inscriptions can even be added in a number of different style fonts, providing the ultimate degree of personalization.

Add A Special Touch With Posy Rings

Whether you’re searching for a 300-year-old posy ring that your ancestors may have owned or you want a more modern style ring with a special touch, posy rings–or engraved rings–are a great choice. To learn more about modern posy ring styles, take a look at our selection or send us a message