AXIS | Men's Carbon Fiber Black Wedding Ring | 6mm & 8mm

The perfect jewelry for car and bike enthusiasts, solid carbon fiber rings are both light and extremely durable. AXIS is strong enough to support the weight of a grown man standing on it. Woven carbon fibers create a pattern found in no other ring style. Made in America.

Custom Options: Custom widths, sizes, stones & designs are always a possibility. Just contact us!

Production & Shipping Times:  Made to order. Usually ready to ship in 1-2 WEEKS. Then simply add the time you select for shipping (varies from overnight to 1 week).

Engraving is not an option on this ring.

Wall Thickness:  2.5mm - 2.6mm
Cut | Edge | Shape: Flat
Band:  Comfort Fit
Metal | Material:  Carbon Fiber 

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