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BORI | Couple's Wedding Ring | Cobalt | Mokume Gane Inlay | 6mm & 8mm

Beveled edges on this cobalt band frame a stunning inlay of Mokume Gane. Multiple layers of 14K yellow gold & shakudo (an alloy of copper & gold) are combined with heat and pressure into a billet, which is hand carved to create a wood-grained look. BORI is made in America, so custom widths and sizes are available. 

Custom Options: Custom widths, sizes, stones & designs are always a possibility. Just contact us!

Production & Shipping Times:  Made to order. Usually ready to ship in 2 - 3 WEEKS. Then simply add the time you select for shipping (varies from overnight to  1 week).

Finish:  Polished
Cut | Edge | Shape: Beveled Edge 
Wall Thickness:  2.5mm - 2.6mm
Band:  Comfort Fit
Metal | Material:  Cobalt + Mokume Gane (14K Yellow Gold & Shakudo)